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Monday, March 9, 2020

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Republican Marco Erickson running for Idaho House of Representatives

(Idaho Falls) — Local mental health professional Marco Erickson whose specialty is “at-risk” youth has filed for the Idaho House of Representatives, District 33 Seat B as a Republican.

Mr. Erickson specified: “I am running to put Idaho Falls first, rather than special interests.  And, I am excited to engage with local voters before the May 19th Republican primary!”

 “I will work to strengthen the connection between Idaho’s education system and workforce development because that is how we increase the number of our citizens with good jobs. I am also passionate about boosting the Idaho National Laboratory and local agriculture as they are key parts of our future prosperity”, said Erickson.

 “I also bring something unique to the table in that I know we need a more effective Idaho approach to at-risk youth.  We need to refocus our energy on what works, not just throw money at the problem.  Impactful early intervention with these kids can put them on the path to succeed in life, reduce crime in our communities, minimize the number of youth suicides and reduce the taxpayer burden from dependency on social services.”

 Erickson is running against Rep. Bryan Zollinger (R-Idaho Falls).  Erickson expressed his disappointment in Zollinger’s fervent efforts in this year’s Idaho Legislature (including a recent 40 minute Idaho House speech) to protect his medical billing law practice, by opposing caps on attorney fees for collecting medical debt and against requiring medical providers to provide understandable billings. Zollinger’s law firm pursues thousands of area residents each year and have been heavily criticized for hyper-aggressive collection activities, often resulting in fees in excess of the underlying medical bill.

 “This legislative session Representative Zollinger seems to be more focused on protecting his pocketbook than meeting the real, pressing needs of Idaho Falls residents,” stated Erickson.

 Erickson is a small business owner, a resident of Idaho Falls’ Westside and holds a M.S. in Psychology from Walden University. He and his wife Emily have five children.

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