Committees Marco Serves On

Health and Welfare Committee

As the Vice Chairman, Marco is responsible for reviewing the rules of operation of the Department of Health and Welfare. As the state’s largest agency, it is a big task to review over 700 pages of rules and regulations annually.

Marco has worked to identify areas needing improvement in the large 4-plus billion-dollar system that makes up Idaho’s Health and Welfare. Marco is responsible for laws, including restoring parental rights, helping get more mental health referrals, building more mental health service capacity, building juvenile crisis centers across Idaho, and maintaining current Medicaid practices.

Marco continues working on policy updates designed to save money without cutting programs. Marco’s work has saved millions of dollars for the state, all while making a large positive impact.  Marco is thoughtful and innovative in his approach to policy.

He has a strong background of knowledge developed over the past 25 years as a professional that helps him make informed decisions.

Judiciary and Rules Committee

Marco is responsible for helping build Juvenile Assessment Centers throughout Idaho designed to divert juveniles from child protection, and jail, while providing supports to the youth and families. One child going to state custody costs close to $160K per year, whereas the assessment centers can serve over 150 families for the same cost and deliver services free.

Marco helped pass laws to no longer put youth in jail for status offenses, improve inmates’ reintegration into society upon completion of their time, put criminals away who are dealing fentanyl, build capacity for drug prevention and help retain staff who work in law enforcement, as well as adult and juvenile corrections.

Marco is a true champion for Justice reform efforts, and improving access to systems that will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over time.

Local Government Committee

Issues that affect local government operations. Although this committee is a light assignment duty-wise, it is important for helping maintain farmland, building clean and safe communities, and identifying ways to improve the relationship between the taxpayer and the local government.

Joint Millennium Funds Committee

This committee is made up of Senators and Representatives who decide how to manage an annual allocation of Tobacco settlement funds. Marco has been key in restoring its purpose of helping reduce substance use in Idaho and focusing on youth and their families.

He used his expertise to bring many important people together to direct the work, identify state gaps in services, and identify places where efforts were duplicated. Marco helped develop a comprehensive work plan and will continue working to build a sustainable system that helps all of Idaho’s youth and their families.

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