Sustainable Local Economy

Right now the economy is taking a hit with the coronavirus pandemic.  We need to refocus on the fundamentals after this crisis abates to deal with the inevitable economic consequences.

I am passionate about boosting the Idaho National Laboratory and local agriculture, as they are key parts of our future prosperity. I also know that our small businesses are critical. I will be an advocate in Boise for each of those sectors.

I will work to strengthen the connection between Idaho’s education system and workforce development because that is how we increase the number of our citizens with good jobs.

Overall, I want to ensure that our local economy remains strong so more families can be successful and not rely on government programs for assistance.


A strong and vibrant education system is key to both our economy and allowing our citizens to improve their station in life. We need local flexibility and considerable ingenuity to allow our students to compete in the global economy.

Local companies including the INL desperately need skilled workers.  We need more of our local students graduating with career and technical education skills. We should look at ways our school districts and colleges can work together to expand career and technical education offerings at an affordable cost.

The Legislature has been working hard to boost teacher pay to enable us to retain good teachers locally. I support those efforts. Recently I spoke with a relatively new elementary teacher who has struggled with remaining here when salaries are higher next door in Wyoming. To keep the best we need to pay them appropriately.

At Risk Youth

I am a mental health professional by background I know the importance of aggressively tackling the problems of at-risk youth.  My unique background in this area will help me improve Idaho’s policies as a member of the Idaho Legislature.

Getting these youth on track benefits all of us. Here is what I would do: We need to refocus our energy on what works, not just continue to throw money at the problem.  I know what works — and what doesn’t.

Impactful early intervention with these kids can put them on the path to succeed in life, reduce crime in our communities, minimize the number of youth suicides and reduce the taxpayer burden from future dependency on social services.

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